I made a post on reddit a long while ago, here, trying to predict the unreleased gods (at the time, there were only six). With the release of Howling of Damned Gods as a pdf, more of the Pantheon has been fleshed out. Our list of gods is as follows:

  • Prios; god of life, hearthfire, and universal love
  • The Earthmother; goddess of nature, harvest, and safe childbirth
  • The Executioner; god of punishment, honesty, and just or natural death
  • The Pathfinder; god of luck, hunting and safe travel
  • The Wildling; goddess of passion, inspiration, and visions
  • The Archbuilder; god of creation, building, and forging
  • The Seafarer; god of sea travel, fishing, and storms
  • The Guardian; god of protection, safety and secrets
  • The Hostess; goddess of cookery, beauty and pleasure

This measures out to nine members of the pantheon, which means there are likely an additional three gods that have yet to be revealed. And there is definitely still a place for the gambler and sage! I look forward to what is to come with the pantheon.


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